Have workspaces in every major part of the City, even at an airport lounge. Gain access to our network of workspaces in Lagos... simply subscribe, walk into any of them, and work!

Be Inspired

Lots of inspiring workspaces to build your ideas. Great environments for collaborations.


Easy. Simple access. Choose from the workspaces closest to you and check in for free

Be Comfortable

Fast Wifi. Good amenities. The comfort of home and effectiveness of work.


Be more productive, wherever! Our wide network of cool workspaces removes the restriction of where (and when) you can work.


What is Hora?

It is an app that allows enterpeneurs,creatives,freelancer,digital nomads and even growing teams subscribe with any amount , access workspaces from anywhere, and get charged based on usage .

How am i billed?

Subscription is based on credits. Each space in our network has its credit points per hour (CPH) and for each hour you use, the credits are deducted from your credit balance.

What do I do when I arrive at a workspace?

Get Clocked in by workspace with a valid ID if you haven't verified your account. Make sure you are clocked out before you leave.

Can I use the office address of the workspace?

No, except you add virtual office plan to your subscription

How long is a Hora subscription cycle?

Monthly. However it rolls over your credits as long as you auto-renew or renew before it expires.

What if I use up all my credits?

Not a problem, you can add more credits.